25 05 2009

I read an article yesterday morning in the Focus on the Family magazine that broke my heart but at the same time was incredibly encouraging. It was the story of a man who lost his wife and four children in a flash flood. He tells the story of his daughter, who just a few months earlier had asked him to help her build a bird house. He struggled with what to do because his honey-do list was so long and he was really working hard on it. He decided that the most important thing to do at that moment was to put everything else aside and build a bird house. He said that during their time they had a great conversation and she told him why she wanted to home-school after spending her first year in public school, “because I like being with my family.” A few months later that family was gone but the memories he has of that morning and many other times that he decided to put other things off to spend time with his family will live with him forever. May we have the same wisdom to see things clearly and the strength to prioritize correctly.